A Thumbs Up to Facebook’s New Like Button

If you kept up with rumors of the new Facebook feature, this may not surprise you. The redesigned Like button is available!

After testing the feature behind the scenes for more than a year, Facebook rolled it out last week for public use. The new update, which is referred to as Facebook Reactions, will enable users to engage in Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. Have you used it? If we had the option to react to the news, we choose Love!

Similar to the Like button, you will be able to see how many people have reacted to your post and how they felt about it. Business owners, this is great news! This enables you to have a better understanding of what your customers want, more importantly, how they feel. 

“We totally understand that the Like button is incredibly iconic, it’s been doing great things for Facebook for the last seven years,” said Product Manager Sammi Krug.  

The new Reaction feature ties the Facebook community closer with universal sentiments that can be understood throughout the entire world. If engagers don’t understand foreign languages, they can definitely understand universal emotions.

Bravo to the team behind it! 

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