Measure Social Network ROI for Local Businesses

Be a smart business owner. No one volunteers to invest money into something that won’t yield stellar results for their business. That would be silly! You want to invest your business’s money into something that can help your bottom line at the end of the week. Social Media Examiner defines Social Media ROI as, “a […]
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Digital Writing 101

Remember when the Internet was still dial-up? Us too! So much has changed. Now, we browse at speeds we never thought was possible in the 90s. Today, we are connected through our Smartphones, tablets, and even wearables. Welcome to the digital world. Over the years, studies have shown that our attention spans have gotten shorter. […]
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Climb Your Way to the Top of Google with These Steps

How often do you look for a business when you’re on the go? Chances are you’re actively searching on your tablet or smartphone. Effortlessly, Google will pull up the most relevant results for you in list order. Nifty, right? Local businesses work with a different algorithm when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). What […]
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Five Facebook Tips for Local Businesses

Something as simple as creating a business page on Facebook gives local businesses the same outreach capability as well-known companies. Communication is key to customer service, and when it comes to business, the customer comes first! Together we can master the art of Facebook.   Give a response. Creating a social media page for your […]
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A Thumbs Up to Facebook’s New Like Button

If you kept up with rumors of the new Facebook feature, this may not surprise you. The redesigned Like button is available! After testing the feature behind the scenes for more than a year, Facebook rolled it out last week for public use. The new update, which is referred to as Facebook Reactions, will enable […]
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Out with the Old, In with the New: Staying a Relevant Business

You’ve decided to join the social networking world. That’s great, Reachability welcomes you with open arms! Maybe you’re still thinking about it and that’s okay. There is a lot to learn. P.S. If you want a complimentary consultation to learn more about social media you can contact us today. For now, we’re going to briefly […]
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Dental Marketing for Free: Facebook

Marketing — it’s a fundamental to any business. A study conducted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that financial services spend about $17 billion on marketing a year. Yikes! For smaller, local businesses, spending huge amounts of money toward marketing may not be a priority. You have other things to pay for, we get […]
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Content: Post Regularly on Facebook for Success!

If you read our last blog about New Year’s Resolutions, one of our key points was to post consistently. We described it as, “You should treat your Facebook page like it’s a plant. You have to tend to it weekly to make sure it grows.” The growth we are referring to is the growth in […]
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New Year’s Resolutions: Facebook Goals to Generate Real Results

New year’s resolutions, we all have them. Whether it’s to cut back on chocolate or pick up a good habit, each year we set goals for ourselves.  Go the extra mile and set goals for your social media presence. Establishing goals is the best way to measure your success for the new year. First, set […]
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Future of Facebook: ‘Boz’ Talks Biz

Tech Crunch’s Josh Constine, a technology journalist and social media analyst, sat down with Facebook Advertising Chief, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, and discussed the future of Facebook. With a creative, digital savvy team behind him, the future of advertising on Facebook is something businesses should be excited about! “The shift to mobile is over and Facebook […]
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