Climb Your Way to the Top of Google with These Steps

How often do you look for a business when you’re on the go? Chances are you’re actively searching on your tablet or smartphone. Effortlessly, Google will pull up the most relevant results for you in list order. Nifty, right?

Local businesses work with a different algorithm when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). What does that mean? That means your local business narrows down its competition to other local businesses in the area. In other words, you’re up against far less competition for a top spot in Google.

So, how do you work your way to the top?

  • First, you’ll want to run an on-site audit to establish where you are in local SEO.
  • Tidy your on-site name, address and phone number (NAP). NAP across all of your digital presences is important, especially your official business page. You want to ensure that this information is distinguished AND consistent.
    • If you have other pages on the web, tidy them up too! It may seem silly to remind you to double, even triple-check spelling, but it does make a HUGE difference.
  • Claim your local profiles. Once you claim your business’s digital presence, claim more. You want to make a directory as relevant to you as possible. (Don’t forget about NAP!)
  • Claim your social presence. This is an important step that most local businesses forget or don’t know how essential it is to do. If you make your business available across multiple platforms, the stronger your business reads in Google search. Again, make sure your NAP is correct.
  • Strategic content. After you claim your social profile, you want to make sure you’re posting regularly. Posting once or twice a week about the services your business provides or relevant information your customers need is a great start.
  • Local PR. Local businesses have an advantage over corporate companies because they can address the community. Include the town or county you’re located in or give shout outs to local sports teams. This gives your business profile a friendly and approachable tone!
  • Reviews. Encourage your customers to give you reviews. Directly telling them to give you a review isn’t the best approach. Instead, inform them about your Facebook page. If they are an active Facebook user, the reviews and activity on your page will follow suit.
    • “Hey! Just to let you know, we created a Facebook page, so if you ever need extra information about our business or want to get in touch, you can do it there too.”
  • Engage. Posting consistently is great, and when you see other people engaging on your posts that’s even better! Engaging with your customers and followers is important to social profiles. Social media is the epitome of two-way communication. Responding to a customer’s post completes the cycle of conversation. You want them to feel acknowledge whether it’s liking, sharing or commenting to their post.  

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