Content: Post Regularly on Facebook for Success!

If you read our last blog about New Year’s Resolutions, one of our key points was to post consistently. We described it as, “You should treat your Facebook page like it’s a plant. You have to tend to it weekly to make sure it grows.”

The growth we are referring to is the growth in page likes, comments and shares. It’s so important that we decided to dedicate an entire blog about it! So here it is, four reasons posting regularly can boost your business’ success:

  1. Credibility. Set your business apart from others with relevant and helpful Facebook posts. You want your consumer audience to come back to your Facebook page for new information. By being a consistent provider of content, you become a leader and a reliable source. In the digital age, there’s a correlation between credibility and consistency. When you think of social and digital marketing refer to the three Cs: Consistent Content adds Credibility.
  1. Brand Awareness. The way businesses communicate with consumers has drastically changed in the 21st century. The growth of social media and the digital age has transformed marketing into two-way communication.This means when you push out content, there’s an open invitation for your targeted audience to communicate back. Engagement demonstrates success. Having a successful social media presence for your business makes your brand visible to the public. Thus, building brand awareness. (It adds credibility too!)
  1. New Customers. Having a credible and successful social and digital presence allows you to learn more about your consumers and target new ones. It’s simple, the more they engage the more you know what your audience does and doesn’t like. You can also create statistics about your demographic.
  1. It drives website traffic and SEO. Two vital factors that drive search engine optimization are quality and frequency. Pushing out content on a consistent basis lets the search engines know that your page is well maintained and provides valuable information.

Remember our plant analogy? Don’t let it die!

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