Dental Marketing for Free: Facebook

Marketing it’s a fundamental to any business. A study conducted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that financial services spend about $17 billion on marketing a year. Yikes!

For smaller, local businesses, spending huge amounts of money toward marketing may not be a priority. You have other things to pay for, we get it. That’s why we love Facebook and this is why you should too.

It’s free. Who doesn’t like free? There’s no catch to it, we promise. Creating a business profile on Facebook doesn’t cost anything!

Credibility. Think of a business that is credible. What makes them credible? What makes you trust them? Facebook has a “like” feature that allows people to “like” your business page. It’s as simple as clicking a button. The more “likes” you get, the more credible you appear to be. Your customers want to see that other people are going to you for business and most importantly, support your business!

Reviews. Put your thinking cap on again. Think about how much you value customer reviews for personal decisions. How do reviews impact your overall perception of other businesses? Reading testimonials gives your patients peace of mind and lets them know they are in good hands.

“If you provide exceptional service, leverage social media to encourage your customers to spread the word, digitally,”  Director of Operations, Paul Burns says, “Reviews are digital word-of-mouth and carry exceptional weight for those in the research phase of the buying cycle.”

Community. When you create a Facebook page, you provide a common outlet for all of your current and future patients to communicate with your practice and each other, which leads us to our next point.

Customer Service. A Facebook page opens up another channel to reach out to your patients. It allows you to address their concerns, push out new information and answer their questions. It isn’t called social media for nothing, so socialize!



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