Digital Writing 101

Remember when the Internet was still dial-up? Us too! So much has changed. Now, we browse at speeds we never thought was possible in the 90s. Today, we are connected through our Smartphones, tablets, and even wearables. Welcome to the digital world.

Over the years, studies have shown that our attention spans have gotten shorter. Did you know that on average, readers will move on to a new article after reading the second paragraph? So, it’s up to the gatekeepers of information to grab their attention from the beginning. Make them want to read more!

  • Keep it short and sweet. Social media posts should be 2-3 sentences. Readers will lose interest in lengthy posts. Make blogs easy to read by spacing key ideas out or draw attention to key points by bolding or italicizing the font.
  • Inverted Pyramid: This concept is taken from journalism, which means that the most important info goes at the top of the article. Your audience should be able to understand the story in the paragraphs they do read. Everything else is fluff and supporting details.
  • Language, please! When you write a post on social media, it has to be easy to understand. Set aside jargon and make it relatable for most people. If someone has to read a post twice to understand it, you’ve already lost them. Tough crowd, right?
  • Paint a picture. You don’t literally have to paint it, but using pictures to push information out is a smart move. Make an infographic of all the key points.  


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