Five Facebook Tips for Local Businesses

Something as simple as creating a business page on Facebook gives local businesses the same outreach capability as well-known companies. Communication is key to customer service, and when it comes to business, the customer comes first! Together we can master the art of Facebook.


  • Give a response. Creating a social media page for your business means you open up another channel for your customers to reach out to you and when they do, respond! Your customers want to feel like their opinion matters and it does. “Liking” a post or commenting on what they said makes them feel acknowledged.
  • Create general responses. It’s not uncommon for your customers to message you with a question and sometimes the question is better addressed by talking on the phone. Facebook allows you to save general responses and have them readily available when needed.
  • Multimedia. Facebook supports a variety of media platforms like video and images. Take advantage of them! Adding a video or picture to your post gives it a boost when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention. **Personal photos attract more attention, therefore, engagement.
  • Tabs. You can create custom tabs on your business page. Your Facebook page is just as important and helpful as your official website. Giving information about the services you provide in tabs is one step closer to having a stellar Facebook page.
  • Upload a menu. Are you in the food service? When you categorize your business page as a restaurant, you can upload your menus. How convenient is that? Make sure you have the most up-to-date menu on your page, you don’t want to mislead your customers with a dish that was swapped out months ago!

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