Future of Facebook: ‘Boz’ Talks Biz

Tech Crunch’s Josh Constine, a technology journalist and social media analyst, sat down with Facebook Advertising Chief, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, and discussed the future of Facebook. With a creative, digital savvy team behind him, the future of advertising on Facebook is something businesses should be excited about!

“The shift to mobile is over and Facebook now is in the growth era,” Bosworth said.

Now, somewhere mixed in your feed is a variety of information waiting for you to stumble across it, whether it’s a news article, advertisement or an update on your friends’ timeline; the amount of interactivity is incredible.

In recent years, the growth of social media interaction for businesses is hard to ignore. Along with engaging with your friends, messaging business pages has increased year-after-year. That was the trigger to Bosworth’s idea.

So what does he predict for the future of Facebook?

Imagine you are scrolling down your feed and a new advertisement grabs your attention. Are you interested in the product? If so, great! Are you tempted to look up more information about it? Yes? Awesome! The idea of a life-like advertising experience comes into play. A “click-to-message ad” would encourage instant conversation and bridge the communication gap between customer and business representative. The idea is if you want to engage in conversation about the product, you can, instantly!

“If I was trying to create a very life-like experience, that experience should include ads. But then again, I’m an ads guy,” Bosworth said.

Facebook has emerged into a multi-purpose social networking site and it is still transforming into something bigger and greater than it was when it first launched in 2004.

“The trend is clear,” Director of Operations, Paul Burns said, “A business must listen and engage with its customers, social media is a two-way street and there’s plenty to be learned from these interactions.”

According to Bosworth, this is the future of Facebook advertising and it is in the works.

You can watch the entire interview here! “Let’s Talk Facebook Ads With Boz.” 

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