Measure Social Network ROI for Local Businesses

Be a smart business owner.

No one volunteers to invest money into something that won’t yield stellar results for their business. That would be silly! You want to invest your business’s money into something that can help your bottom line at the end of the week.

Social Media Examiner defines Social Media ROI as, “a measure of the efficiency of a social media marketing campaign.” How do you measure it? It’s simple:

Social Media ROI= (SM return- SM investment) / SM investment percent

Now, you may wonder, why is it important to know about social media marketing and ROI? This is why!

  • It benefits the company and can carry out the overall objectives and goals.
  • You are able to analyze where your efforts are being used efficiently.
  • You can analyze where you are lacking as a business.
  • You can effectively strategize your key messages.
  • Lastly, it shows you where you should budget to yield better results for your business’s profile!

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