New Year’s Resolutions: Facebook Goals to Generate Real Results

New year’s resolutions, we all have them. Whether it’s to cut back on chocolate or pick up a good habit, each year we set goals for ourselves. 

Go the extra mile and set goals for your social media presence. Establishing goals is the best way to measure your success for the new year. First, set a start and end date. When do you want to accomplish your goals? Do you have it in mind? Great! Write it down on your calendar. Goals are just dreams until you set a date, make 2016 your year and set goals for your booming business!

Social media is an easy way to measure your success rate. With check-in, like, comment, review, post and share actions, you can compare and contrast with ease. Here are some Facebook must-dos you should strive for in 2016.

1. Set solid numbers. Don’t have as many “likes” on your Facebook page as you would hope? Make it your goal to increase that number! One way you can do that is to push out content on your page that your consumers will find relevant. Encourage them to “like” your page by pushing out special promotions. Presenting your customers with exclusive benefits sways them to “like” your page for special offers. Another way you can do it is word of mouth. Yes, it’s that easy! Before they leave your business, mention your Facebook page and that it would be greatly appreciated if they shared their support.

Director of Operations, Paul Burns said, “What can be measured, can be managed. Goals align social media marketing agencies efforts with a business’s key performance indicators.”

2. Post regularly. Maintaining a social media page takes time and dedication. A special greeting for the holidays, relevant articles and pictures go a long way. Make them custom to your business. Essentially, you should treat your Facebook page like a garden. You have to tend to it weekly to make sure it grows and when it grows, you see results! 

3. Sharing is caring. Increase your exposure by publishing content that people want to share. Making your posts personal by “tagging” customer names opens a channel of opportunity. Personal posts about your customers and informative ones about your business help increase the chances of someone sharing it. Think about it, if a business gave you a special shout out, wouldn’t you share it? Lastly, don’t forget to add an image! It draws attention to the post at a first glance. You want your audience to take a double take.



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