Out with the Old, In with the New: Staying a Relevant Business

You’ve decided to join the social networking world. That’s great, Reachability welcomes you with open arms! Maybe you’re still thinking about it and that’s okay. There is a lot to learn. P.S. If you want a complimentary consultation to learn more about social media you can contact us today. For now, we’re going to briefly discuss how staying relevant on social media will benefit your local business.

  • People can find you. Having a social media presence enables your current and future customers to find you easily. It’s common for consumers to search up a local restaurant or dental office through Facebook when they’re on the go. How can they find you if you don’t have a Facebook page? The answer is, they can’t! It’s simple, the more you expose your business through social media, the more searchable you are.
  • You’re connected and in the know. You can stay connected with your customers. Better yet, you can network! You never know where your next big idea will come from. Why not social media? When you post something, you leave a channel for your customers to engage with you. If it’s a positive comment, that’s awesome. You know your customers love you and your business. If it’s a negative comment, you can take it as constructive criticism and fix it for the future.  
  • Push promotions. You have a promo going on? Post it! Social media allows you to reach a larger audience, the best part is that it’s for free.

Business owner, stay relevant.

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