Ad Management & Optimization
We offer end-to-end ad campaign management including creative development, advanced optimization, audience targeting, and in-depth social analytics. This fully managed solution leverages all available ad types and placements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Increase Efficiency
Watch your productivity soar; we handle it all. From planning, design, development, integration, execution, reporting, our team will guide you through each stage and manage every detail required to establish and maintain a successful and integrated social media presence.
Social Engagement
Engage with consumers and create new customer opportunities. Increase likes, followers, comments, social shares, engagements across social media. Increase your social value and improve your organic search engine visibility.
Prove Your Value
Drive business outcomes and measure your social media's impact on your business. Measuring your social ROI requires specialized technology for revenue attribution. Fortunately, we can help with that.
Social media marketing, once the purview of assigning the tasks to an in-house employee or college intern, has officially gone mainstream. We work effectively by integrating into product development, customer support, marketing and the rest of your organization. We manage and facilitate that collaboration.
Content Workflow
How many "oops" moments does it take to realize that your social content curation and publishing needs to have a process behind it? We provide content workflow natively.
Social Attribution & ROI
We integrate with your web analytics tool of choice to measure social media traffic, phone call conversions and overall marketing ROI & attribution.
Our Infrastructure
We utilize actionable intelligence in real time with a cloud-based infrastructure. When you entrust your social channels to us, we take that responsibility seriously, and we stand behind you. We specialize in social media marketing & management, leveraging social media by maximizing brand, product awareness and online social value for your business. We do it all so you can focus on what you do best - running your business. Call us today for your free consultation!
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